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Is this you?

- Do you live outside the U.S?
- Do you want to buy products in the U.S directly through US on-line retailers?
- Your favorite online retailer does not ship overseas?
- Do you need a presence in the US for your business?
- Are you looking for an excellent mail forwarding service with low shipping rates?

If you answer Yes, you need our mail and package forwarding service.

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MailForwarding.biz is a worldwide mail and package forwarding service provider and international buying enabler offering consumers an affordable USA mailbox rental service, US address, mail forwarding service and package forwarding service to meet your international buying needs.

MailForwarding.biz’s services are also designed for your business and help your business grow by providing your presence in the United States and making your online procurement and exporting process as smooth as possible.

Through Our Services You Get:

A U.S. Street Address or Prestigious U.S. Address for You or Your Business
Mailbox Rental Service
Mail and Package Forwarding to Your Location almost Anywhere in the World
Package Consolidation and Proper Preparation of Export Documentation
Online Account Management and E-Mail Package Notification
» Low Shipping Rates

1. US Street Address and US Mailbox Rental Service

If you currently do not have a U.S. presence, you probably find it very difficult to purchase many products and services that are available only in the U.S., whether through Amazon.com, eBay, e-tailers or wholesalers. You can pay for them using PayPal or credit card, but many retailers require a street U.S. address for shipping. We solve your problem by providing you a U.S. street address. It is a physical street address in Southern California and it is not a P. O. Box.

You may use it for your business as well. You can stay closely connected to your suppliers, manufacturers, partners, customers and prospects in the U.S. MailForwarding.biz will receive, on behalf of you, packages, documents and other special deliveries made from carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS.

MailForwarding.biz offers a value-priced high-quality mail forwarding and package forwarding for much less than the price of other mail box rental service providers, only US $8.33 per month rate. MailForwarding.biz provides the best of what mail forwarding has to offer, including US street address for US shopping, secure and reliable US mailbox rental, mail & package forwarding to almost anywhere in the world, online account management and e-mail package notification and low international shipping rates.

2. International shopping made easy
Our US mail forwarding service made you US shopping online easy and possible. People around the world can enjoy international shopping from home. International shoppers can directly buy American products - electronics, computer, apparel, DVDs, magazine subscriptions, music, tools & hardware, software, sports & outdoors goods, toys & games, antiques, art, baby related items, books, health & beauty products, musical instruments, cameras, auto accessories and parts, collectibles, and other items that are available only in the US, whether through Amazon.com, eBay, on-line retailers or wholesalers.

3. International Mail/Package Forwarding to Your Location Almost Anywhere in the World
Even though you don't reside in the U.S., you can receive your package through us. When you make a purchase from any online retailers, use our U.S. street address for shipping. We will receive the package for you and forward it to your address almost anywhere in the world. You instruct us when and where and how you want to receive your package. We can ship your package through a trackable shipping method such as FedEx, or DHL or USPS Express. Depending on your location, your package will arrive in 1 to 5 days from the time it leaves our location.

4. Online Account Management and E-mail Package Notification
Once we receive your package, we immediately notify you via e-mail. Also, you can login to your account and find the detailed information of your package, including the sender's name, weight and etc. Through our professional web based account management system, we can effectively communicate with you to meet your international mail and package forwarding needs.

5. Saving Money on Your Shipping
Once customers instruct MailForwarding.biz when and how you want to receive your package, MailForwarding.biz will re-package or consolidate multiple packages into one or two to reduce your shipping weight and dimension. It will save money on your shipping cost.

Your items need to be shipped via FedEx or DHL or USPS Express with tracking numbers as you want to make sure they will be delivered within a given time. We offer discounted international shipping rates. Our shipping rates are up to 37% off the published rates for FedEx Express. (If you prefer DHL Express service, it will be up to 37% off the published rates as well.) Please find your shipping rates by clicking here.

Most of U.S. online merchants and suppliers do not ship overseas. Even if they do, they do charge high shipping rates. Compare the savings you will enjoy by using MailForwarding.biz package forwarding service for your US shopping over the services offered directly by suppliers and online merchants. Through our merchandise consolidation and shipping services, you will save tens and even hundreds of dollars. You simply won't find a better value for your money!