About Us

We specialize in mailbox rental services, international package forwarding and USA virtual  office services for you and your business

International professionals and companies are always looking for new and unique products  in the US whether they want to buy one unit or multiple quantities. It has been very difficult to do so as many retailers and suppliers in the US do not ship overseas. Also, even if they do, their international shipping fees are very high.

We have solutions for you. We provide international mail and package forwarding services to help you and companies around the world purchase products in the US. And, we provide you with low international shipping rates on all forwarded packages. Also, we can provide you with virtual office services so that we can meet your international business needs.

We are a brick and mortar company located in La Habra, California with an online presence at http://www.mailforwarding.biz, providing mailbox rental and shipping services since 2002.

When you sign up with us, we allow you to have a US street address here in the U.S. and receive merchandise from any US companies. We will take care of forwarding your items to you almost anywhere in the world. If you are qualified, we can work as your international buying agent to accommodate your buying and shipping needs. We are committed to providing our customers with convenience, competitive prices and excellent services. We understand international business needs and will continue to add new services to serve you better.


If you have any suggestions or special requests or just want to voice your opinion, please contact us by clicking here. MailForwarding.biz created for you and your business, and you have an opportunity to mold it to your liking.

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